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First Job And Ten Mistakes by Uttam Kumar : A Review

BOOK TITLE: First Job and Ten Mistakes
ISBN: 9789383952281
AUTHOR: Uttam Kumar
GENRE: Non Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback
REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji
In just four short sentences:
"Credit Cards are your advance salary and not additional Salary."
"Avoid SpEaR, adopt ESS"
"Loan for Loan is Suicidal."
"It's always the first step that matters; the rest will follow."
          The book is, by far, the shortest I have ever read for review. So the review is also going to be unique.
First Impression:
          The book is small – way too small than expected. It came as a surprise to me since I hadn’t realised that its total page count was 53. It seemed like a booklet that has all the important points it wanted to convey and was short and sweet.
The cover:
          The first thing that attracted me to the book was its brilliant cover design. Starting with the colour scheme, font and the doodles, the cover is pretty attractive. Though I am yet to find the actual connection between the images used in the cover and the concepts covered in the book, this sure caught my eye and therefore led me to pick up the book and read its summary and the other content. So this wins in making the book way more attractive at first sight.
The Summary:
          Four short sentences given as the summary give a hint of more content inside. Not to mention the two acronyms using which we get a short idea of what the book is going to be about. It is concise enough to draw the readers in but quickly dispels the notions of any story in the book.
The content:
          First Job and Ten Mistakes is NOT a book about the mistakes you would actually do on a job and ways to rectify them. It concentrates instead, on the financial mistakes you might make after you get into a job and earn your salary and also what not to fix as your first job. The ten mistakes are each given as one chapter and the details are almost given as bullet points. The content covers the major points in the said header.
What to expect:
          First Job & Ten mistakes is a book you would find informative at the first glance and as a good reference of what you should learn further with more detailed books once you get the basic idea. It also does sound like the ten commandments of finance. Thou shalt not do this – instead, do this!

          The cover image and the short summary.
          The book could be made a bit more interesting by adding a few examples and case studies. It would add volume to the book and make it even more understandable.
          Go for this! It really is interesting in the way it highlights common mistakes people make financially and also how to skirt around them.
          I am a born Human, trying to Be Human. Never lived life along defined Rules! Have done my Masters in Mathematics, spent 19 years in Commercial, Sales, Marketing and Finance! Had a liking for writing since my School days. But there was no one to guide so could not do anything. As I attained 35 years of age, I started my own business to take a break from hectic Life. Started writing. "First Job and Ten Mistakes" is my first published work.Working on few projects. Will keep updating!
Open to Reviews and Suggestions, especially if critical!
PRICE: Rs. 95 for Paperback

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