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Stifled Release
Today we're celebrating the release of STIFLED, book two in the SUMMONED series by USA Today Bestselling author, Rainy Kaye. A dark twist on genie folklore, SUMMONED follows a reluctant criminal as he unravels the mystery of the paranormal bond controlling him. In STIFLED, Dimitri trails an elusive jinn and finds himself in the middle of a community keeping dark secrets. The SUMMONED series is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA.
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Stifled Final 2 PSD
Dimitri would like nothing more than to live a low-key life in Naples, Italy. His girlfriend, Syd, has other plans.
After three months of researching, she is positive she has found a jinn on a killing spree in San Diego, California. Since Syd gave Dimitri the one thing he thought was out of reach, he feels obligated to use his ill-gained talents for her cause.
A few hours back in the US proves that Dimitri and Syd didn't quite make the clean escape they had thought. As they trail the elusive jinn, someone else trails them. What should have been a simple trip to confirm once and for all if the jinn are living among humans, instead reveals a community keeping dark secrets.
Unfortunately for Dim, the only way out is in.

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summoned_cover_final_biggerTwenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told—literally.

Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker.
Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well.
When he meets Syd—assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd—he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can’t tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn’t the type to tolerate secrets.
Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl’s ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming—the wish that will destroy him.
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rainykayeRainy Kaye is an aspiring overlord. In the mean time, she blogs at RainyoftheDark and writes paranormal novels from her lair somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona.
She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA. Someone told her she's a USA Today Bestselling author. She thought there would be cake.      
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Take 2 by Ruchi Singh : A Review

AUTHOR: Ruchi Singh
GENRE: Fiction / Romance
FORMAT: Digital
REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The author contacted me via goodreads and sent me this review copy in exchange for a honest review. Thanks, Ruchi!
          Priya’s idyllic world turns upside down when she realizes her husband considers her dead weight after stripping her off her inheritance for his ambitions and lavish lifestyle.

          Instantly attracted to Priya, Abhimanyu knows getting involved with a married woman is inviting trouble. But despite common sense, cautions and hesitations, he is drawn to help her.
          Happily ever after has become a myth for Priya and trying to keep the relationship platonic is becoming more and more difficult for Abhimanyu.
          In the tussle between ethics, fears and desires... will Priya embrace a second chance at happiness?
          Priya has married her college-days sweetheart neighbour when she was not even out of college due to a family pressure. But all is not sweet as she learns that her husband Sameer had cheated on her. Opportunistic Sameer avoids her phone calls and avoids her until Priya confronts him directly, where he pretends to be a stranger in public.
          Abhimanyu is intrigued by Priya at first sight. He feels a strange urge to get to know her better and tries to get closer when he learns that she is married. He tries to back off from her when he finds he is unable to do that. He finds himself strangely attracted to her and when things take drastic turns, offers to help her get her husband back.
          As they keep trying, Priya realises that she has slowly started falling for Abhimanyu, and he realises that however hard he tries, he cannot keep off her. Fate keeps throwing them together with the marriage preparation of Priya’s best friend Komal who is Abhimanyu’s cousin. They try hard to dampen the feelings for each other but it is visible to everyone around them.
          How they overcome the inhibitions and how Priya gets over Sameer and takes the ultimate risk in her life in the faith of love forms the rest of the story. The plot is the age old story of love blossoming in unlikely places where the reader wants the lead pair to stop sacrificing and get together already. The characters are good natured, predictable with no unpleasant twists and thankfully no sudden unexpected behaviour.
          The story adheres well to the summary and the title and tagline are apt. The cover image is beautifully minimalistic. The tale is a classic story told with special seasoning. The ending is of course happy, but that is why you started reading this book, you know?
          The simplicity of the story, the beauty and depth of the lead characters.
          The story is predictable at some points but that is an added bonus.
          A perfect, breezy read for a calm summer evening or a cool rainy evening – you will love the sheer simplicity of it.
          Ruchi Singh has a degree in Engineering and has been working in IT industry as a Consultant. She began her writing career writing short stories and articles, which have been published on various online forums. Her story ‘Boomerang’ in crime genre, won the Indireads Short Story competition in 2014, and is part of the Anthology ‘Voices Old & New‘. Her, another, short story ‘Debt of Kheer’ is part of Author’s Ink anthology ‘The Turning Point of Life', both available on Amazon. 'Take 2' is her debut novel.
          A voracious reader, her favourite genres is 'romantic thriller'. Besides writing and reading, her other interests include dabbling with Indian classical dance forms
          Check out Ruchi's Book Reviews on
PRICE: Rs. 155 for Kindle Edition

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Forbidden One by Zaarra Khader : A Review

BOOK TITLE: The Forbidden One
ISBN: 9789384226954
AUTHOR: Zaara Khader
GENRE: Fiction/ Short stories
FORMAT: Paperback
REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: I thank the author who sent me this review copy in exchange for a honest review.
          Desire enchants! Irrespective of what that desire is for and no matter how correct or blatantly wrong it seems to the world around us - it leaves us stirred. The more we try to resist it, the more irresistible it becomes till there comes a moment when we actually have to take a call whether to draw lines or to cross those intimidating boundaries. The Forbidden One is for all those who believe that one can feel to be alive only when one takes that leap of faith to cross the barriers to your moment of truth. The Forbidden One is also for those who haven’t fulfilled their forbidden dream as yet and are on that cusp of time to take their chances.

          The Forbidden One is a compilation of short stories - the chronicle of characters who, in some way or the other, are either excluded or restrained or tattooed ‘promiscuous’ by the society. Malicious and primitive in its ways, pushing such people on the periphery is bourgeois. Yet such people have a life of their own and as we go delve deeper into the lives of these characters we discover strengths, self-belief and even a sense of ease with which these characters go about their daily chores. Each of the ten tales here is set in the deep ocean of human emotions. Except that some of these emotions find their expressions in forms that are supposed to be suppressed as per the norms and inherited wisdom of the society.
          The first thing that you notice about ‘The Forbidden One’ is its cover. Some would call it controversial, some would call it provocative, most would call it enticing. But one thing cannot be denied – the cover gives you an idea of what to expect in the ten stories that this book contains. No, it is not about physical intimacy, it has nothing raunchy. (A gentle chuckling reminder for those of you whose minds wandered into ‘those pastures’ the moment you read this line and went up to the cover to recheck it – or probably got interested in reading this review because of the cover image that was prominently displayed here; Come to the stories, folks!)
          The book is a collection of TEN stories. Yes, 188 pages for ten stories which try to portray the basest of human emotions or a nagging social issue. Each story is unique in one way and similar in one way. They all talk about desire in one way, or maybe something you would have heard of everyday or relate with in some remotest corner of your mind, but dare not speak of it out loud. Not every story is a burst of passion – but every story manages to talk about the rawest of human emotions.
          The words of the stories flow in complex sentence structures and any casual reader who is not used to reading many books would have to read through some parts more than twice to actually understand what it means. The stories are woven over a canvas that is desire and if you like to patiently read your books that have a lot of words interwoven as passages that give you a detailed visualisation of the story itself much as a profile analysis of the supporting cast would do for the film instead of how the main characters would be the elements you have to concentrate upon to finish each one in half the time it was intended to be done – this book is your cup of tea.
          The plots of individual stories are simple enough. It is the actual stories themselves, written in elaborate words that give this book the substance it requires. The characters are expressed in detail and are written as a complex quagmire of emotions that you might relate with. The summary gives you an idea of what the stories are going to be, and the book adheres to the concept pretty well.
          On the whole, a very good attempt by Zaarra.
          The concept of desire is a sure fire way to relate with readers, and the book gives you fodder to think about. You won’t finish the whole thing in a day, but you will surely read the stories one by one, trying to find the one that should obviously relate with your situation.
          Extremely long unbroken sentences and paragraphs not only make the text difficult to read, they also hamper the speed of the reader. Short stories need crisp short sentences that drive the point home instead of long drawling sentences that make the reader forget how the paragraph started.
          If you had always wanted to read a book that portrayed the rawness of emotions and if talking about the forbidden gives you a sense of thrill – this book is for you!
RATING: 3.7/5
(Rating points have been awarded for the apt cover design, page quality, and nice stories and taken away for complex wording structure and lack of paragraph breaks. It is not unpleasant – it hampers the reading speed.)
          Zaarra is a media professional who got enticed into the profession of expressions at an early age even though she studied to be an engineer. From hosting radio shows, producing TV shows and conceptualizing events and engagement platforms she has been in the business of entertainment, communication and sponsorships for almost a decade now. Crafty with words and sensitive to emotions to the core she discovered an urge to reach out to the world and cage their imagination with a few characters and tales which seemed familiar yet unknown. Writing comes to her naturally as does creating characters that are so real that you can almost touch and feel them. Having written some impressive jingles for the advertising world followed her lyrical venture on contemporary Sufism, her compilation of stories here is more about characters who display exemplary resilience in their pursuits to follow their heart without a bother of what the society thinks of them or defines them as. I hope this book strikes an emotional chord with you and that you come across some extract which reminds you of your own forbidden experiences... I hope the book makes a warm and cosy place for itself right within you!
EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback, Digital
PRICE: Rs. 105 for Kindle Edition

Monday, March 23, 2015

Rise of the Grey Prince by Arka Chakrabharti : A review

BOOK TITLE: Rise Of The Grey Prince
ISBN: 9382665315 (ISBN13: 9789382665311)
AUTHOR: Arka Chakrabharti
GENRE: Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback
SERIES / STANDALONE: Saga of Agni #2
REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: I thank Readers Cosmos for the review copy.
          That cursed night at Nisarga had revealed the true reason behind his father's sacrifice and his own dark past. Each revelation now draws Agni into the sublime world of secrets. With Vrish and Guru Sidak by his side, fighting the daggers from the past and winning over the opponents of the present, somewhere deep down, he knows that his journey has just begun. The other scarred prince walks the ashes of his reality. Haunted by the glimpses of truth the same night, Yani had but one choice to survive. His unknowing steps, trapped in cruel games of ancient powers had led him to a truth, a truth which shall mould a good man in the clay of misfortune, hate and lust. Such is the world of Gaya and thus shall be the Rise of the Grey Prince the one torn between the darkness of evil and a lone ray of hope
          I would like to start this review with a ‘note to self’ that I wrote halfway through the book.
NTS: Don’t read the second book in a series at first, especially if it is a mythological story that gave the explanations and introductions (as is normally expected and right) in the first book and elaborates on the story next.
          The important part being pushed aside, I will come to the review of the story itself. I could not fully appreciate the beauty or the depth of the characters because I didn’t know who was introduced before and who was new here. But the story sailed smoothly once the initial hiccup was over.
          The characters and the scenes were set with enough emphasis to make an impression whereas the switchover between the ‘Land of the rising sun’ and the ‘Land of the setting sun’ was smooth. Stories of quests, in search of objects or answers always pique my curiosity and I follow ‘The Voyage’ almost literally – as if I am one of the people involved. It always helps if the narrative is good enough to help me visualise scenes easily. (In this case, thankfully, it is).
          A melancholic strain is very visible in the lead Agni’s characterisation whereas the princess Lysandra shone in her fierce streak. I wish I could comment in detail about the depth of characters. The first thing I am doing after this review is : Rush and find the first book of this saga.
          The language is easy, clean and pleasant enough, omitting the difficult to remember names (as is the case with most mythology based books). The plot seems developed enough for this book, and it could be really enjoyed as a standalone where more explanations would follow in subsequent books. The adherence to summary can be seen in the pages of the book.
          There is a glossary list of characters which introduces the new characters in this book. Is it just me? Or is it true that some characters have been missed (probably introduced previously)?
          The details about the Land of Gaya are much needed and appreciated.
          The small prologue of sorts – about what happened in book one was the life saver, really! It gave me a hint without which I really wouldn’t have enjoyed this book. Thanks to the author.

          The writing, the characterisation.
          Nothing much to mention except that some parts of the book seem unedited and long.
          Go for it if you like mythology, and start with book 1 to know if you really like the saga.
RATING: 3.5/5
          Arka is a twenty-seven-year old tax consultant cum content writer, who resorted to writing to escape life's monotony. The success of his debut novel The Secrets of the Dark, along with the articles that he writes for esteemed magazines like Tehelka and the world of professional photography, have paved the way for the second part of 'The Saga of Agni' - Rise of the Grey Prince.
PRICE: Rs.98 for paperback

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Recession Groom by Vani Kaushal : A Review

BOOK TITLE: The Recession Groom
ISBN: 9384226580
GENRE: Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback
REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: I thank the Readers Cosmos for this Review copy!
          Parshuraman Joshi, 27, handsome, Hindu-Brahmin, IT Professional, settled in Canada, earns a high-figure salary.

          These are credentials that would make any young man hot on the Indian wedding market, so it's no wonder that Parshuraman's family is inundated with matrimonial proposals. While so far all attempts to 'settle' him have gone kaput, he has bigger issues vexing him - such as Jennifer, his 'fireball' of a colleague, and their efforts to save Project Infinite. To top it all, as the credit crisis grips the global economy, the little world he's created for himself begins to fall apart. Will he be able to pull himself together to face the challenges posed by a tough economy? More importantly, will this Recession Groom be able to find his 'perfect partner'?
          Parashuraman Joshi – an Indian Brahmin who works in Canada at the start of the story, and as the story progresses, changes base to everywhere between a bar and a IT solutions company in India. The Recession Groom is a book about his search for a bride and how he ends up surprising everyone when his marriage is concerned.
          The story’s main character is Joshi, but it has one of the best set of supporting characters I have ever read about in books of late. The lead offers only a little bit of variety and spice compared to the other characters (namely his Aunt Parvati, His Nani and cousins). These characters offer equal parts of fun, seriousness and are relatable in their dialogues and expressions. That Parashuraman is a loving man who cares about his family cannot be denied – but his decisions and words sometimes frustrate the reader to no end.
          What is endearing about the story is – it is relatable. Not all leads have to be perfect, not every decision taken in life is correct, and sometimes, when you finally make a decision, it is almost too late. The plot is actually not very elaborate, but the story builds up scene by scene and though slow paced in the middle, it picks up after the first half is over.
          The language is clean, the characters are well etched, the dialogues are written well (not too much of vernacular mix – just the right amount of nativity combined with fairly good English). The summary is just a hint of what is actually the book. You never know what the original holds. The climax is a googly and the beginning is one of the most riotously funny parts of the book.
          My personal favourites where the characters of Tia and Ana, and the police chase scene, since it strongly reminds me of people I know. The parts that I feel could have been written better are the scenes after Parashuraman’s resignation from his company. They weren’t lagging or wrong, but were lacking in some way that I could not point my finger at.
          The characters of Bill and Carol are the best, even if they make an appearance in very few pages. They stood out amidst all other characters and play a vital role in the plot.
          When you start reading the book, you will never know it is by a first time author. The language is so smooth and the story elements fall into place with such a synchronisation that they seem to be coming from someone who knows her writing well and has a beautiful command over the language.
          The characters (yes, even the character of Tara), the story  itself and the language.
          The story lacks pace in the middle – to the point where it seems there is confusion as to where it should go. This could have been avoided.
          Go for it! You will love the story if you love reading about tales that have this Indian feel about them and an endearingly frustrating protagonist.
          I was born in Garian, Libya, in a traditional Hindu Punjabi family. My parents prized good education above all else, and when I was still small, they decided to move base to Chandigarh,a modern city in the North of India, famed for its educational institutions. As a child, I loved reading, but writing stories of my own never occurred to me, much like everything else. Becoming a doctor wasn’t an option, for the very sight of blood made me retch. Mathematics and Excel sheets bored me no end, leaving Humanities as a last resort. I could easily compete for the civil services, my parents reasoned, although, sitting for an exam with a million potential candidates vying for one job didn’t make much sense to me. Fortunately, life took a better turn and it was a Masters degree in Economics alongside a programme in Mass Communications that set my foundation for a career in business journalism. Luckily, I got to work in some of the best organizations in India, like ‘The Times of India’ and ‘The Financial Express’.

          In 2004, I was hit with the desire to write a novel. However, a few drafts and several ideas later, I gave it all up to pursue an MBA degree from Kingston University in London. Of course, I dreamt about MNC firms coveting me, the Deloittes and the McKinseys of the world chasing me with multiple job offers, the likes of Accenture begging me to work for them. The reality was quite different. The completion of my course coincided with the start of global recession and my dreams could never be realized. My situation, nevertheless, prompted me to write my first fiction novel, The Recession Groom.
          I currently spend my time reading books. I love good stories, regardless of their genre. My dream is to have a big library of my own, something of the sort old Bilbo Baggins had in his hobbit hole. First editions of 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'The Lord of The Rings' are on my wish list, as are selfies with all my favourite authors. I am a student of Bharatnatyam and enjoy performing on the stage. I am working on my second novel, a sequel to my first book, and also blogging for The Huffington Post. My blogs are available to read on HuffPost website, on Goodreads and also on my website. To know more about me log on to To connect with me, write to me at
PRICE: Rs. 299 for Paperback
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Scarred by Marie Long : Promo

Welcome to my stop on the Review Tour for Scarred by Marie Long. Scarred is a New-Adult, contemporary romance with a happy ending! :)
Scarred (The Anderson Brothers Series, book one)
By Marie Long
No. of Pages: 313
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pub. Date: March 3, 2015 
 Add to Goodreads

Sometimes, love comes with a price… 

The past is gonna try and bring you down, but you gotta fight. Fight hard for what you love. Fight to win is what twenty-two-year-old Dominick Anderson believes, but his life is a struggle. Growing up with an abusive father has made Dominick slow to love and trust, and here lies on his brother Kevin to keep him on a straight path.
Dominick fights his demons every day, every night. Now a sophomore at the University of Washington and working a steady job at a mechanic’s shop, Dominick wants to create a better life and find the future his father never wanted him to have.
Dominick suppresses his identity and feelings until he meets Denise Ramsey. Smart, stunningly gorgeous, and sharing his love for motorcycles, Denise is everything Dominick longs for in a girl but knows he can never have.
When a past love threatens her life and brings out Dominick’s dark side, he must decide if she’s worth the risk. 

“Dom and Denise will make you believe in happily ever after. Dominick is definitely book boyfriend material.” – Marie Hall, New York Timesand USA Today bestselling author of A MOMENT


"You have to keep moving through the dark tunnels of life no matter what. Because at the end of that tunnel, you’ll eventually find light.” ~ Uncle Adam

"You twenty somethings are all about taste testing. Seeing what’s out there. That’s what it’s all about, right?” ~ Lonz “Dragon”

“You’re a grown woman. You can do whatever the hell you want.” ~ Dominick

"Chris? Not sleeping around anymore? This has to be some sort of apocalypse.” ~ Dominick

"Everyone fights for what they believe in. Everyone fights for what they love the most, no matter how bad it gets. You’re in a dark tunnel right now, Dominick. Been stuck in that dark tunnel for a while. But you can’t give up what you believe in, what you love. Because what you love the most will be waiting for you at the end of that tunnel.” ~ Larry

"A man his age? No kids? He’s a diamond in the rough!” ~ Lauren

"It’s crazy how fate can bring two people together. Or was it destiny?” ~ Dominick

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~About the Author~

Marie Long is a novelist who enjoys the snowy weather, the
mountains, and a cup of hot white chocolate. She’s an avid
supporter of literacy movements like We Need Diverse
Books (WNDB) and National Novel Writing Month
(NaNoWriMo). To learn more about her, visit her website:

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Aoleon The Martian: Part 3 : The Hollow Moon by Brent LeVasseur : A Review

BOOK TITLE: Aoléon The Martian Girl: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Saga - Part 3: The Hollow Moon, written and illustrated by Brent LeVasseur
CATEGORY:  Middle-Grade, 120 pages
GENRE: Science-fiction and Fantasy
PUBLISHER: Aoléon Press
RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2015
          Spying on the Luminon, Aoléon and Gilbert uncover his plot to steal Earth’s milk cows and make the disturbing discovery that the Martian leader plans to disrupt Mars’s galact supply. The duo races to warn Aoléon’s father, Deimos, a manager at the galactworks, before the Luminon’s saboteur can act.
          While still on the run, Aoléon takes her pilot’s exam so she can join the Martian intergalactic exploration fleet. However, during the test-run, something goes horribly wrong. The two are put in a life-threatening situation and only Bizwat, Aoléon’s Procyon commando friend, can save them.
          Gilbert finally gets his chance to learn to skyboard, but the lesson turns into a test of skill as he and Aoléon are chased by the Royal Paladin Guard.
          Will they survive?
          Don't miss this exciting part 3 of 5 of the middle-grade sci-fi series Aoleon The Martian Girl.

          Aoleon the martian girl is a series that slowly grows on you. Though it is a middle grade sci fi novel, it is enjoyable all the same. Already having read parts one and two of the series, the third part is understandable and the story is easy to follow. While the first and second part concentrated mostly on the relationship between Aoleon and Gilbert and his introduction to the Martian civilisation, with occasional hints about a revolution taking place, part three has some racy scenes and thrilling sequences.
          Aoleon and Gilbert get caught by Draconian forces and whether or not they escape the evil forces and get back in one piece forms the rest of the story. As usual, vivid graphics have been included at places to give the readers the real feel of how things would look in the current scene. The whole sequence of them being caught on a chance training lesson and bursting of the moon Phobos has been written neatly. Aoleon’s abilities and Gilbert’s presence of mind are portrayed in correct amount.
          The whole concept of the draconian being a superior race and the evil plan to overthrow earth to take up some of its resources and make it a complete slave strikes a chord with the readers. Though it is a much used plot line, this book gives it an all new feel with difficult to pronounce names that become slightly hard to follow after some time and literally a whole new environment that leaves us wondering if wherever there is intelligent life form will there be a necessity to obtain total control and enslave the masses for the benefit of a few?
          One thing that stood out in this book is the detailed graphics. Special mention and praise to the author for this. And the other thing that really stands out is the ability to concoct new words and new scenarios that seem similar to what we see daily and yet speaks of an exotic, different species.
          What bothered me a bit is the fact that Aoleon would risk her and Gilbert’s safety to go sky boarding lessons when her life is being threatened by the supreme ruler of the planet. This seems far fetched. And the appearance of Pax has become irritating instead of guiding – because he gives only vague hints and expects youngsters to solve big issues that are way beyond their head.

          Mr. LeVasseur enjoys crafting good stories based on lovable characters designed to translate well to multiple media formats such as books, games, movies, and toys. He lives in New York when he is not commuting between Southern California and Olympus Mons, Mars. His hobbies include writing, 3D animation, musical composition, and intergalactic space travel. He also enjoys various sports such as skiing, running, and exospheric skydiving.