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Cover Reveal: The Heart of You (A Geeks of Caltech Novel) by Aarti V Raman

~ Cover Reveal ~
The Heart of You 
(A Geeks of Caltech Novel)
by Aarti V Raman

Mixed martial arts studio owner Kit Barranos has always been a fighter. He will fight for his family. For his friends. For anyone in need.

What he doesn't know how to do is fight for himself...

... Or the inconvenient and consuming desire he has for single mom Lily Fallahil.

Office manager, Lily has spent the last decade raising her son and proving her independence to her protective and overbearing brother, Drake.

She has no time for romance. Especially with Kit Barranos, who has a body to die for and eyes that rip at her soul.

When Kit reveals his heartbreaking secret to Lily - he has a brother he never knew about, one he considered his closest friend - it brings them closer, creates a bond neither can deny.

And paves the way for a steamy attraction that explodes between them.

But it isn't just Lily that Kit is slowly but surely falling for. It's her adorable son, Bret.

Navigating the holidays, their families and their feelings is no easy task.

Flawed and fiercely loyal, Kit and Lily have fought the odds and survived.

But, survival no longer seems enough.

Can they take a chance on each other, on their hearts... On a love that braves The Heart of You?

The Heart of You is Book Three of The Geeks of Caltech, a unique band of friends bonded by loyalty, brotherhood, and pain. The Geeks of Caltech are to die for and their women all they wish to live for!


About the Author:
Aarti V Raman lives in Mumbai, India and has been a commercial editor and business journalist for the better part of a decade.
She is an incurable romantic who has taken up the task of bringing Happily Ever After to life for the characters in her head. She has three traditionally published novels out, all contemporary romances from 2014-2016, with the next one slated for release in 2019.
She currently writes and self-publishes steamy contemporary romance for urban millennials with a global twist. Sometimes, there are guns and car chases too.
Her new contemporary romance series include GEEKS OF CALTECH and ROYALS OF STELLANGARD as well as standalone romances - all of which have become Amazon India and US bestsellers.
She has also appeared as speaker at lit festivals and events around India and also dabbles in poetry, while conducting creative writing workshops.

Contact the Author:
Website * Facebook Page * Twitter * Instagram

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Book Blitz: The Retreat by Mari.Reiza

~ Book Blitz ~
The Retreat by Mari.Reiza
 Coming of Age / Psychological Thriller 

About the Book:

An uncomfortable but fascinating ripening journey.
Ahmed has abandoned her. Nadia is gone the way Isabelle did before, her two fallen warriors. But Marie can still hear His voice clearly.
A deep call for justice takes hold in an impressionable teenage girl from a recently broken family during a religious retreat; what happens next will mark her life for years to come.
the Retreat is a story of men playing God, of hurt that doesn’t find its way out.

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Read an Extract:

‘So, mass girl,’ Hélène is calling Marie. ‘We’re planning a night escape from this hell in a couple of days, are you in?’
‘Won’t we get into trouble?’
‘Rules are there to be broken,’ Hélène smiles, ‘at least by me!’ And how she bets other people are breaking them too right then, convinced as Hélène is that Berger employs himself, as they speak, probably more playing (with his willy) than praying.
‘I’m in enough trouble as things are.’ Marie is thinking about her skiing, her skirt and Prudence’s unwelcome mulishness to mend her, as if she had much wrong in her.
‘What do you mean?’ Martine can’t wait to know what trouble Marie is in.
‘We need to get out of here, into the real world,’ Hélène has a dream to sell, ‘down the bar. Buy some drinks. Dance to some music. Meet some boys...’ Martine makes a screaming face.
‘Things any normal girl is expected to do,’ she says reassuringly. ‘It’s not like we will be killing souls.’
Marie knows Hélène is right, but it’s also Marie’s belief, based on her little experience, that Hélène, her sister, Martine, are all there for a reason, that this retreat is full of girls who are either troubled or need attention because they are trouble. Can she trust them?
‘So, what happened at the caravan last year?’ she finally asks. ‘Could it happen again?’
Marie’s friends freeze.
‘The caravan was different.’ Hélène’s face turns sombre. She hadn’t expected the question. ‘We should have never been there.’
‘Fucking bastard,’ adds Martine.
‘What happened?’
‘We were a bit drunk,’ Hélène hesitates, ‘we were silly, but we should never have been put in that situation in the first place.’
‘The men were nice at first but then they were terrifying.’ Martine’s side of the story.
‘Isabelle had only acted in good faith, you know how she is,’ Hélène’s voice is down to a pensive whisper, ‘she’s such a do-
gooder at heart, nothing like them,’ she points to the door, ‘but a good-meaning person.’
‘And she’s stupid!’
‘Shut up, Martine.’
‘I mean, what world does she live in!’ Martine doesn’t shut up.
‘One where she only sees good in people.’
‘What did she do?’ Marie doesn’t understand. She didn’t expect Isabelle to be the culprit in this story.
‘She insisted on leaving the caravan,’ says Hélène, finally spilling the beans. ‘She had been talking to one of the young immigrants through a window, for over an hour, in Spanish, and claimed he had opened his soul to her and he needed her love, that we could not treat them like animals because they had gone through enough already.’
‘And then?’
‘These men had not seen women in months.’ Hélène sighs. ‘We were young, drunk. Probably looked like sluts to them.’
‘When Isabelle opened the door, it had been a trick,’ says Martine. ‘They all tried to push in and we managed to close it again but they took Isabelle.’
‘And you did not call anybody?’
‘How? By the Holy Spirit? We had been abandoned there. All we had been given was a shitty walkie-talkie the nuns never answered. And Isabelle on the other side of the door was not alarmed,’ insists Hélène, ‘not in the slightest, she insisted she would talk to them and disappeared down the camp, into another caravan.’
‘And you didn’t call anyone?’ Marie can’t believe they deserted their friend.

If the book interests you, you can request for a REVIEW COPY in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author:
Mari.Reiza was born in Madrid in 1973. She has worked as an investment research writer and management consultant for twenty years in London. She studied at Oxford University and lives off Portobello Road with her husband and child.

Find Mari at:
Twitter * Instagram

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Book Blitz: Prisoner of Yakutsk by Shreyas Bhave

~ Book Blitz ~
Prisoner of Yakutsk by Shreyas Bhave
The Subhash Chandra Bose Mystery
Final Chapter 
8th to 10th February

About the Author:
What exactly happened to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?

• In 1945, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Leader of the INA leaves Singapore to take a series of flights, and dies in Taiwan after his plane crashes near Formosa. Or so it seems.
• In 1947, Mr Mrs Singh, an illustrious army couple, both veterans of the Indian National Army, are last seen in Delhi, and then never again.
• In 1949, the plane carrying the first deputy Prime Minister of India, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, mysteriously disappears for seven hours.
• In 2012, following the fall of WikiLeaks, a female hacker of the notorious X group is on the run as most wanted by everyone from Interpol to the KGB
• In 2015, the millionaire CEO of a Fortune 500 company suddenly resigns and vanishes from the public eye.

A set of seemingly unconnected disappearances emerge to be woven into a single fabric as the answer to one leads to another… In this riveting narrative, bestselling author Shreyas Bhave, takes the reader on a thrilling adventure to solve the greatest mystery the Indian nation has known. 

Book Links:

Read an Excerpt:

Colonel Hardy looked at his wristwatch. It was almost time for the Court Marshall to begin. But then there were so many trials squeezed into one day that it was natural for his colleagues to be late for this one. He decided to start without them. “So, born in Lahore, eh?” he asked, eyes still on the files.
             “Born and brought up there, Sir,” Major Singh replied. “I graduated from Government College, Lahore, and then sat for the Military Entrance Exam, passing which, I went to the Indian Military Academy at Dehra Doon.” Major Singh’s English was impeccable.
             “Which year batch was it? “Hardy asked, impressed by the Punjabi’s resume. He himself was an alumnus of the same institute, though a few years junior to this man.
              “Good.” Colonel Hardy gnawed his lower lip. So the Punjabi Major was his senior by almost half a decade.
              “I was commissioned as Second Lieutenant on the Special List in early 1939,” Singh said, standing straight in the dock. “2nd Battalion. The Highlanders!”
             “Secunderabad, right?”
              “Indeed. A boring year until we were sent to the Far East to hold a garrison in a quaint little British port.”
               Colonel Hardy read further. “Singapore, huh.”
               “The war was soon to come.”
                Hardy smiled as he went through the war records in the files. “I see one promotion after another. In less than six months, you were Acting Captain.”
               “I served with distinction. Your army promotes on talent alone; I’ll give you that.” Singh bowed.
                Colonel Hardy closed the files and looked up. “Japanese prisoner-of-war in Malaya, 1941 – what happened?”
                “I was captured in Malaya.” Singh twisted his thick mustache. “I had taken my regiment on a midnight raid on the Japanese docking station on the island of Java.”

Book Trailer:

About the Author:
Shreyas Bhave's love for history since his childhood prompted him to write his take on the story of Asoka who was one of the towering figures in the history of India, which has been taken up as ‘The Asoka Trilogy’ by Leadstart Publishing. The first part of the trilogy called ‘The Prince of Patliputra’ has been published in January 2016 and the second part called 'Storm From Taxila' was published in 2018.

Connect with the Author:
Website * Facebook * Twitter

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Author Interview with Rubayata Umeed, author of Zero Dream Football Alfresco

Readers Muse welcomes Rubayata Umeed who is answering a few questions for us!

Hello Rubayata! 

  1. Tell us more about your journey as an author. About your first book?

I started writing when I had no theme for poems. Before my first novel, I wrote poems occasionally but later I shifted to story writing. ‘Wizards X Beasts’ was already in my mind but writing on it came later, when I tried to find a specific idea for my story. Talking about inspiration, two Japanese anime shows, ‘Air’ and ‘Dance with Devils’, helped a lot. When my mother liked my story, she thought of publishing it. I accepted the idea and my first book came into existence.

  1. How did the idea of Zero Dream Football Alfresco come to you?

The idea came accidentally. I constantly keep thinking about stories and while thinking this occurred suddenly and I started writing on it.

  1. Do you do anything special while writing?

Yes. While writing, I listen to music and imagine the story scenes.

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration in the literary world?

Not anyone yet, because I have not read many books. Due to school work, I could not read much else. But after writing my first book, I started reading more books for inspiration and to expand my vocabulary.

  1. What would you say is your supporting factor in your journey?

My mother, cousins and rest of my family I would say are supporting factors in my journey.

  1. As a published author, what is one advice you’d give to other youngsters who want to write?

I want to say, don’t think about what others say about your writings, listen to yourself and move on.

  1. Other than writing, what else fascinates you?

I like drawing, reading something I like, and watching movies, and anime shows. Also I like solving math problems, reading political science and geography, and watching news.

  1. Could you tell us a bit more about your upcoming projects?

I have a lot of ideas in mind, and I am writing on a few. Will tell more once a book is finalised and written fully.

  1. Is there something special that fascinates you and urges you to write about it?

To keep my themes and ideas in order specially fascinates me to write. Getting new ideas and keeping them organised is a wonderful feeling.

  1. How has your hometown / State helped you in writing?
The natural beauty and the serenity of the ambience of my hometown has helped me in writing. It keeps me calm and fills me with wonder when I am busy creating stories.

Thank you, Rubayata for patiently answering the questions from my end! Here’s wishing you more and more success in your current and upcoming ventures. Best wishes!

About The Author

Rubayata Umeed is a 15 year old child author from the valleys of Kashmir. She has already written and published her first full length fantasy novel, Wizards X Beasts a few months ago, and recently published her second novel, Zero Dream Football Alfresco – a tale of passion and following one’s dreams, which is well on its way to breaking records.

You can know more about her from here.

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Guardian Angel by Ruchi Singh: A Review

BOOK TITLE: Guardian Angel

AUTHOR: Ruchi Singh


GENRE: Thriller / Romance


FORMAT: Digital / Kindle

SERIES / STANDALONE: Undercover Series #2

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: I thank the author for a review copy, and DDS Reviews for this chance to review the book.


The Man

Security expert Nikhil Mahajan is in mortal danger. Gravely injured and unable to see, he is in the midst of hostile strangers in an unknown place. Any hope of survival is fast fading away.

The Angel

Should an innocent man be left to die just because he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Someone has to intervene.


I have already had the chance to read Bodyguard, the first book in the series, and loved the descriptive narrative and strong characters. I remember reading the book at a stretch, owing to the captivating narrative that never let me pause or go to some other book. Having also read a few other works of Ruchi Singh before, (including a full length novel and a short story) I was very clearly aware of what to expect in this book.

In particular, the summary inrigued me because it focused on someone who was (spoiler alert) supposed to be dead in book 1. And since he was a favourite character of mine, I could not miss this opportunity to read Guardian Angels. The summary works because it says so much in so few words. For people who have read the first book, these few words are enough to make them want to sit up and take notice. The book cover did not reveal much and just gave a visual to imagine what the characters would look like.


We have all read books that are part of a series, and we have all picked our favourites that are not exactly the lead characters. But have you ever read a book in which you thoroughly loved a character who is not the lead but is equally important, and wished there was more written about him? This was something similar to what I felt with the first book in this series, 'Bodyguard', where I loved the character Nikhil Mahajan - one of the bodyguards of the lead character, Vikram Seth. He was written in such a way that he immediately captured my mind, and become a character who impressed me in the way he was written.

So it was with great interest that I began to read this book, which promised to be one focusing on this character. And I shall begin the review by saying that this book does not disappoint. It is entirely focusing on the dashing Nikhil Mahajan who was thought to be dead but is being nursed back to health by a woman who is apparently a part of the gang of the people who had kidnapped him. Physically weak, Nikhil continues trying to find out more about his predicament from the lovely yet mysterious Ayesha, who is reticent to tell him anything. She is his Guardian Angel, but he wants to know more about why he is where he is.

Ayesha has more to her than what meets the eye and her motives are as much a matter of doubt as her original identity. The suspense is what keeps the reader turning the pages, and there is a lot to read and follow in the story. The plot is taut, and does not lag in any place. It keeps the interest alive by being an absolute page turner. The thrill of capture and that of escape, not to mention the chase between what to believe and whom to trust, keep the book a thoroughly engaging read. For fans of the previous book, Bodyguard, this book is like returning to the lives of one particular character with a microscope, analysing his life. For people who are reading this book first, it works as a standalone and has basic character background information. But it also is written in such a way that the reader would want to go to book 1 and read more, only to understand why Nikhil Mahajan deserves his own book.

I personally loved two major things in this book - the pace that never slackened, and the narrative that was clean and devoid of drama. As usual, the high of the thrill ends a few pages before the End Card but this also leaves some pages for a neat wrap up of loose ends that the reader really craves. A high octane thriller also needs closure to help satiate the reader's curiosity or risk ending in a cliffhanger that does not tell more about what comes next. In that regard, Guardian Angels has an interesting narrative and a nice wrap-up.

Overall an interesting read, a book full of twists and turns that keeps the adrenaline rushing but also does not compromise on the other elements that keep it wholesome. 


A must read for fans of Bodyguard (the previous book in the series) and even works as a standalone.



Winner of TOI WriteIndia Season 1, Ruchi Singh is a novelist, and writes in two genres; romance and romantic thriller. A voracious reader, she loves everything—from classics to memoirs to editorials to chick-lit, but her favourite genre is ‘romantic thriller’. Besides writing and reading, her other interests include dabbling with Indian classical dance forms.


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