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Question The Answers by Janani Srikanth: A Review

Reading the work of established authors – especially those whose books you have read before – is a pleasant experience. The voice feels familiar, and the text flows comfortably. That covers the two basic requirements of a good book already!

Question The Answers is Janani Srikanth’s third book, a non-fiction tagged as a transformative toolkit for life. True to its tagline, the book has some really useful and amazing questions, answers and ideas for various facets of life. This is one of those books that shine with raw power, the kind of book that WILL change your life if you imbibe it and follow the ideas properly.

The book is structured in such a way that it can be read both in a linear sequence and as individual parts. There is beauty in its presentation and an impressive aesthetic in its subject matter organisation.

“Questions are important. They ignite curiosity, deepen understanding, and pave the path for original thinking.”

I loved the direction the book took, encouraging the readers to ask questions, find the answers, and reinvent themselves. One of the hardest things to do for oneself is to ask questions and seek proper answers. This book gives good directions about the right kind of questions and gives some great ideas on how to frame and use the answers in everyday life. It removes the mental blocks around questioning and answering by delving deep into our minds!

What I liked the most about this book is the confidence in the tone – it presents some deep concepts with ease and ignites the much-needed interest to understand them. The author talks about complex concepts like finding life balance and establishing value systems with simple, easy-to-process words that convey a profound meaning.

One of my favourite quotes from the book goes like this:

“Start today and keep at it, knowing that progress is inevitable with time and effort.”

Question The Answers reiterates this belief. Start reading it today and make it your companion to progress in life!

Special mention: The minimalistic cover that reflects the tone of the book – simple, concise, and impactful! Do judge this book by its cover.

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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Taste of Fate by Janani Srikanth: A Review

When we read books by certain authors, we associate them with certain genres. Writers usually take up the genres they are comfortable with and display their skills in writing books based on a theme. Rarely do authors make a huge jump between genres and succeed in both of them.

Janani Srikanth does it with such finesse!

I had earlier read her non-fiction work, A Balance Called Life, and to call it a life-changing book is not an exaggeration, nor am I the only person to echo that sentiment. Most other reviewers feel the same.

You can read her interview for Reader's Muse here, where she shares more about her journey of acquiring multiple professional degrees, shifting careers between completely different fields, and how she caught the writing bug.

With Taste of Fate, Janani has explored the fiction scene and has definitely aced in her attempt. The book is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Coming into the scene at a time when the phrase ‘red flags’ is often associated with relationships, Taste of Fate describes the wonderful feeling of love between two sensible adults and how they navigate their attraction and the situations they face in life – peppered with a lot of relationship ‘green flags’ to look out for!

Arjun and Maya are #CoupleGoals from the first interaction and attract the reader with the way they approach life and each other. Starting with their career choices (a head chef of a Michelin Star Restaurant and an internationally renowned psychologist) they show their inclination to stand out from the crowd.

So they do, throughout the story.

Arjun wins as the serene, classy guy who makes readers (especially single women!) sit up and take notice of him. He is endearing in the way he interacts with his best friend and romantic interest. His rebellious streak in choosing his career and his determination to become successful in it make him an intriguing lead.

Maya wins too, as the beautifully empathetic, clear-headed professional who showers the world with her kindness. She is empathetic, kind, understanding, and knows what she wants from life. And she wins as a role model for people who are in similar situations in life.

The book describes their budding relationship, managing to bring in some frankly amazing insights into life in between. Taste of Fate is the journey of two people and how they approach life and their love. What destiny has in store for them and how they navigate life’s curveballs form the story.

Unshackle yourself from all your previous notions about this genre and prepare yourself for a journey that is sweet (and not bittersweet), happy (and not just cautiously so) and sensible (while retaining the magic of love)! Taste of Fate reinforces in your mind that love can be devoid of games and manipulation, and infuses you with hope about the goodness of people.

What to look out for:

~ The brilliant prose and the stellar descriptive writing – who knew the everyday sunset could have these many adjectives to describe its majestic beauty!

~ The ‘Dear Maya’ section where the lead answers questions on relationships and life. If you want to limit yourself to rereading only one part of the book, it would be this!

~ The insights and the humour in the dialogue, the blend of confidence and vulnerability in the relatable leads.


Janani Srikanth wins with this offering, and will manage to keep her readers enthralled as she shows them a sweet and sensible taste of fate!

The book is globally available on Amazon

About the Author:

Janani Srikanth is an Author, Psychologist, Philosopher, and Life Coach.

Her academic journey began with an engineering degree from NIT, followed by an 8-year corporate career. Despite a promising professional career, she found something missing in that life and decided to specialize in social sciences and pursue her passion for making a positive difference in people's lives.

Her counseling approach helps people sculpt the life they love. Her articles on Mental Health, which provide practical solutions, are a regular feature on social media.

She writes regularly on LinkedIn. Her monthly newsletter - 'Mindful Moments' - focuses on motivational articles and life insights.

Her debut book, ‘A Balance Called Life’, is a Self-help book that focuses on Stress Management and Life Balance.

'Taste of Fate' is her second book and her first fiction novel.

She is active on social media. You can find her social media handles on her website.