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Book Blast: The Finishing of Lady Amelia by Scarlett Rains

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The Finishing of
Lady Amelia
(Sisters of the Heart Series, Book 3. 
Prequel to Betrayals of the Heart) 
[Kindle Edition]
 December 25, 2013
Scarlett Rains (Author)

Book Description
Lady Amelia Fitzailwyn knows everything about everything. She certainly does not require Finishing School. If John and Alex had not tattled on her, she would still be home! It was fine for them to chase every skirt in the Kingdom but she has one kiss ...or two, and Uncle carts her off!

Day one of her banishment at Madame de Rigeur's Young Ladies Finishing Academie is dismal. Her roommate is insular, Clarissa is cruel...and that spotty girl's rash is probably contagious! Then, she meets Monsieur Pelfrie, the handsomest man she has ever seen, and Amelia decides it might just be possible to endure the two long years away .

Enjoy this delightful tale of mischief and mayhem as a sheltered young woman comes of age in Georgian England.

Great Ratings on Goodreads

About the author
Scarlett Rains left the womb with pen in hand...which might explain why her mother carted her off to a children's home at an early age.  Not one to let such things distract her from nurturing her creative talent, she lived, learned, laughed and loved her way through what could have been a traumatic childhood.  
That little bend in the road, and a battle with breast cancer, could not stop Scarlett from writing.  The more emotionally evocative events of her life made her appreciate her shared humanity and the desperate need that most people have to laugh.  Scarlett keeps those memories close when she writes. She draws on the personalities of the wonderful people she has been blessed to encounter when she develops her characters, always striving to make her readers laugh so that they may escape their worries for awhile.

Scarlett is a clinician by profession, though she is trying hard to deny that so as to continue writing. We wish her every success.  Her books are enjoyed by readers around the world and we would hate to lose such a talented author.

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Book Blast! Seduction of a Bluestocking by Scarlett Rains

Seduction of a Bluestocking
(Sisters of the Heart Series, Book Two)
[Kindle Edition]
Scarlett Rains (Author)
 December 25, 2013
Book Description
Jilted and heart-broken, Miss Rachel Steele leaves home to begin a new life as governess, mind made up never again to succumb to a man’s charm. Then William Seaton, old friend of her employer, disturbs her peace: meddling in matters outside his concern. "Good riddance to bad rubbish," she says when he finally leaves. Soon thereafter, disaster strikes and Rachel accompanies her charge to the estate of her guardian, the Duke of Warwick: who from his letters sounds like a man well in his dotage. Rachel marches in to his study to persuade the doddering old coot to keep her on as governess. Words fail her when she finds that he is not at all old…definitely not doddering, but none other than the irritating, William Seaton!

William Seaton’s life is precisely as he would have it: mistresses all prettily lined up in a row, a cozy chair at Whites molded comfortably to fit his frame: fine port and cheroots a nod away…just perfect! He is anything but charmed to renew Miss Steele’s acquaintance, she is a nuisance he does not want or need, in fact, he’d prefer to hear nothing except farewell from her tightly-pressed lips. Knowing the annoying bluestocking will likely disrupt his well-ordered life, he agrees to retain her for the sake of his ward.

Hence begins a sizzling romantic campaign of Napoleonic proportions which draws the unwelcome attention of a villain from William’s past. Will Rachel and William realize their love for one another before he seeks revenge?

Kim Dalferes on Amazon
Scarlett Rains has created a wonderfully romantic story set in the backdrop of 18th century London. The reader comes to care about the central characters, Rachel and William, as they travel through a decade's worth of survival and sparring. After each sustains life-changing tragedies, fate puts them on a journey that the reader hopes will inevitably bring them together. It's a joy to follow their path to see how they will each eventually trust and love again. The reader will also appreciate the effort Ms. Rains put into her portrayal of the societal limitations placed on women during this time period. This added nuance helps to enrich the story and draw the reader into Rachel's struggles. By the end of the book I found myself wanting to continue to follow the lives of Ms. Rains' characters: a true sign that this is a well-written historical romance novel.

A Personal Message from Scarlett

I am grateful for every instant of my life...good and bad. Each moment was a lesson that moved me in the direction intended for me and made me who I am. I breathe in and say, "Thank you, Lord".  I breathe out and say, "Please, guide and direct me." And, here I am.

I will never forget the day I rang the radiation bell after my last radiation treatment. This inscription was on the card my treatment team gave me:
"Ring this bell, three times well to celebrate this day.
My course is run, my work is done and I'm on my way."
If you have been diagnosed with cancer, may God bless you and give you the courage and strength for your battle. When you reach that point where you can accept the reality of your diagnosis, I say face it, take it in and know that you have the strength and courage to conquer it your way. You may be surprised at how profoundly you will change.

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Book Blast : Promises of the Heart by Scarlett Rains

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Promises of the Heart
(Sisters of the Heart Series, Book One)
[Kindle Edition]
Scarlett Rains (Author)
December 25, 2013
Book Description
Fate Plays a Hand!
When Amelia Fitzailwyn, Duchess of Kensington, is orphaned at a very young age, she must leave home and  travel to her new guardian's estate . She embarks on the journey with her beloved governess, Rachel: wishing all the while that her Uncle William would somehow rescue her. To her delight, he does! Uncle William is her new guardian...and he has two sons! Amelia happily settles in to life at Havenwood Manor with her new family.
The Stage is Set!
What are the servants whispering about? Have they noticed all those heated looks between Uncle and Rachel? Amelia sees mysteries everywhere...and would solve them all if her cousins would leave her alone long enough to do her research! She wishes John, the eldest, would keep his nose out of her affairs and poke it back in his theme bookHow to be the Most Boring Personage in the Realm. And Alex, the skirt chasing hypocrite, irritates her even more: going on-and-on about her one little rendezvous with Simon.
Time Will Tell!
When it turns out Uncle, is not really her uncle, Amelia begins to see the irksome boys in a new light. In fact, she plans to marry one of them! Will John stop straining his steely grey eyes reading and see her for the woman she is? Or will Alex stop pulling the curl out of her hair long enough to notice the sheen of it as it wraps around his finger? Solve the mystery, dear reader, as you enjoy this delightful tale of a young woman's coming of age in Georgian England.

Amazon Review
   By Nanasthoughts
I found this book to be most enjoyable. The story line kept my interest with romance, laughter, and mystery. The adventure is all wrapped in a delightful story stamped with the propriety of the 18th century. I am looking forward to the next book.

About the author:
Scarlett Rains was raised in an orphanage, survived that and breast cancer! She considers all of it a blessing, refuses to let anything stop her; insisting that life is what you make it! Scarlett is a person who will spout optimistic 'truths' with her last breath! She is a busy grandma juggling a hectic schedule to try to balance her family's needs (including her insular cat's hissy-fits and her demanding dog's pathetic begging for belly rubs) and still manage a few minutes to write her stories. She often awakens from a sound sleep, jumps up, snatches a cup of coffee and hides in her office behind locked doors typing 18th century romance novels. Scarlett believes escaping her day-to-day responsibilities by living vicariously in the lives of the characters she creates keeps her out of trouble …and saves the cost of psychotherapy services. The author’s delightful Sisters of the Heart Series books are enjoyed by readers around the world. Scarlett loves receiving feedback and ideas from her readers.

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Divided Within by John Guillen : Review and Book Tour

Divided Within
John Guillen, author
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Publication Date: October 29, 2013


Houston area private eye Andrew Banks is hired by sixteen-year-old Mercedes Vega to figure out what's dividing her parents. As soon as he meets the rest of the Vega family he realizes that the situation is only one step away from becoming dire. He puts the safety of the family over everything else until the case hits much too close to home. It becomes a race against a wealthy restaurant owner that ultimately becomes deadly.

                Divided within is a first person narrative of Andrew Banks, a private detective who had just started business. Along with his girlfriend Sydney, Andrew realises his long term aim of being a private eye. But in his very first case, a teenage girl comes to him with a story of mild abuse and discord between her parents. Andrew offers to help without understanding the depth of the problem involved. Once he meets the parents, Banks realises that it is a web of deception and deceit involving a drug cartel.
                From there, the story takes a deadly turn with men and weapons. Professional killers are hired to kill the interfering detective and his girlfriend. It is a race against time as Banks seeks the help of police personnel to help him get through. How he finds out the final link and how he comes out of the scene with professional killers ready to ruin his life forms the rest of the story.
                The story is fairly straightforward. No over the top scenes or adrenaline rushes. There is no actual space for twists and turns, unfortunately making the story predictable. The characters are superficially written with no grey areas and hidden characters. Good is good and bad is bad. The overall book is sort of a compilation of events related to one case. But in its own way, the book does become un-put-down-able after the initial few pages. Where the author falters is in the description of the story line. Sometimes, certain things need to be hidden behind curtains for the benefit of the reader. And the author must attempt to pique the curiosity in his next ventures, and we would be pleased to read them.

Verdict: Go for it if you like light detective fiction. For hardcore fans, this might just leave you feeling lacking.
Rating : 3.7/5


John Guillen has had a love of books for as long as he can remember. As a grade school student he would browse the tables of the semi-annual book fairs at his school and convince his parents to buy as many books as he could. This passion would reemerge years later as a high school teen. He'd read books by the best crime authors of the day long before completing the required school work.

John knew early on in college that he wanted to become a writer and immediately began work on his debut novel, Divided Within, less than two weeks after graduating from the University of Houston Downtown in May 2013.

When he's not writing or reading a new novel, he enjoys listening to country music and staying up to date on current news stories.


Twitter: @JohnGbooks
Amazon –

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The Mine by John Heldt : A Review

AUTHOR: John A Heldt
GENRE: Fiction/Sci-Fi/Romance
FORMAT: Digital
SERIES / STANDALONE: The Northwest Passage #1
REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The author filled up our review form and sent us an ePub copy for review.
In May 2000, Joel Smith is a cocky, adventurous young man who sees the world as his playground. But when the college senior, days from graduation, enters an abandoned Montana mine, he discovers the price of reckless curiosity. He emerges in May 1941 with a cell phone he can't use, money he can't spend, and little but his wits to guide his way. Stuck in the age of swing dancing and a peacetime draft, Joel begins a new life as the nation drifts toward war. With the help of his 21-year-old trailblazing grandmother and her friends, he finds his place in a world he knew only from movies and books. But when an opportunity comes to return to the present, Joel must decide whether to leave his new love in the past or choose a course that will alter their lives forever. THE MINE follows a humbled man through a critical time in history as he adjusts to new surroundings and wrestles with the knowledge of things to come.

Note to sci-fi readers: THE MINE is a novel that spans several genres. Though it features time travel and offers elements of science fiction, it is primarily a love story set in Seattle in 1941.

          When the author filled the review form on the blog, the blurb of the story interested us. And when we replied, the author promptly sent us a copy. The story and the summary did contain very little in common. But if you expected sci-fi or anything even remotely scientific, back off. The main theme of the novel is romance.
          Joel, a neo modern guy lives in Seattle in the year 2000. While on a trekking trip to a nearby abandoned mine, the adventurous Joel gets a blinding flash of light, falls down and comes out of the mine, only to find himself in the year 1941 when he comes out of the mine. He feels much disoriented and thinks that he would be able to go back if he drops in the next day.
          Fate has a different plan in mind. Joel cannot find his way back into the future and instead roughs up a living in Seattle of 1941. Armed with nothing but knowledge of the future, Joel tries to settle himself in the world that he has been forced into. Much as he tries not to make friends or influence life of the past, Joel falls in love with a beautiful maiden. Things turn murky when he meets the younger self of his own grandmother.
          Thoroughly settled into the old life, Joel gets another chance to reclaim his life in the new millennium. The rare occurrence that shunted him into the past occurs again. A portal to the new world opens. But Joel is faced with a dilemma. To return would mean to leave the love of his life, his new found friends, and the comfortable life he had settled into. But to stand back would mean the loss of his normal life and parents and friends he had known in 2000.
          Does Joel take the chance, or does he stay back forms the rest of the story. The plot is new and the concept is refreshing. The characters are well sketched but the story line is too fantastic to be real. The perfect boy perfect girl and perfect landscape story does not fit into reality and is merely an escape for the imaginative mind to revel in its fantasies.
WHAT I LIKED: The concept, the description of life in the 1940s.
WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER: The story itself needs some brushing up. Though it is good in the way it’s written.
VERDICT: The author has extended a ‘reflection into your own past’ idea to a new level. It is a well written story. Go for it. But don’t expect sci-fi or you will be sorely disappointed.
RATING: 3.8/5
John A. Heldt is a reference librarian and the author of THE MINE, THE JOURNEY, THE SHOW, and THE FIRE, the first four novels of the critically acclaimed Northwest Passage time-travel series. The former award-winning sportswriter and newspaper editor has loved getting subjects and verbs to agree since writing book reports on baseball heroes in grade school. A graduate of the University of Oregon and the University of Iowa, he is an avid fisherman, sports fan, home brewer, and reader of thrillers and historical fiction. When not sending contemporary characters to the not-so-distant past, he weighs in on literature and life at
PRICE: Rs. 187

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Giveaway #2: The Sisters Of Heart Series : Book Blast & Giveaway!

Yay! It’s giveaway time! Looks the New Year is really packing a punch!
Welcome to the second giveaway of the Year!
Enter to win 12 Digital copies in total - 4 copies of 3 books in the series :-D
What are you waiting for? Trees grow and the Moon to wane?!
Enter away to win an awesome book!

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My Love Never Ends... by Thashneem Sunil : A Review

BOOK TITLE: My Love Never Ends…
ISBN: 9789381239148
AUTHOR: Thashneem Sunil
GENRE: Fiction – Romance/Drama. (yeah, based on real events!)
FORMAT: Paperback
REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The author sent us two review copies! We thank her.
          2014 - The New Year is going to blossom with a love story which will make everyone understand the depth of love... My Love Never Ends.... Love is a feel which makes wonders. At some point, everyone comes across love. One cant fall in love with anyone randomly. The moment one meets the special person everything becomes special. The time, the sight, the feel and the entire life - becomes special. In the love life, no one can forget the First Sight, the First Touch, the First Kiss, the First Hold & so on..... Each day will be a different one with lot of happiness and surprises. Eye lids would never wink and makes one long to see the special face again and again. Just imagine. What would happen if everything goes upside down? Suddenly, if the happiness turns into a bundle of sorrows. My Love Never Ends...the love story which depicts the happiness and sorrow one faces after falling in love.
          After finishing his studies, Ravi gets an excellent posting. He is thrilled about his job, his friends and life in general. Then love comes waltzing into his life……………
            He never thought he would meet Sonu….
            He never thought he would fall in love…
            He never thought that both would fall for each other…
            He never thought he would live without her…
            He never thought his parent would be against his wish…
            He never thought he would roam the streets searching for Sonu…
Can anything happen as expected in their love story?
Can Ravi & Sonu understand the depth of their love for each other?
Can they join hands and become one?
Can they win the battle of love?
My Love Never Ends…. the happiness and the sorrow one faces after falling in love.

          How many ever times we say this, it never happens to fruition. We try to skirt around romance novels as much as possible but since starting this blog, we learnt the hard way that almost sixty percent of all books ever written touch on romance. Some books though, are so full of love that you start doubting whether or not they are based on real life events.
          This is one such book. As the title says, this story centres on love. The lead characters, two young people who fall in love while working together, face difficulties in life and finally come together. Now that we are over the one liner, we move over to the dissection of the story. The author has started this story with a curious disclaimer- err acknowledgement page. It runs thus:
          “I dedicate this book to my readers,
          Who could have spent their valuable time and
          Money in other ways,
          But decided to buy my book.”
          There, I have got even the indentations right! With such a curious acknowledgement page and a even more curious ‘Wait a minute’ page, where the author proclaims that she is a daydreamer and this is partly based on her story, and she has taken real life events and merged them into the story, we readers realise that somewhere in between, the fine line between reality and fiction disappears and we form a strange bond with the story. (And yeah, am writing with a straight face, readers! *scouts honour*)
          The plot line is simple. It is a first person narrative of Ravi, a Chennai based guy who goes to Bangalore on work. (The author is based between both these cities, we guess!) In his job, he meets Sonam as a team member. It is love at first sight for him and she reciprocates. (BTW the maddened reviewer is now searching for a workplace that helps couples so much and places them in teams together. I have only seen companies that deliberately separate. But never mind, bitter personal experience teaches you better. *Who? Me? Come on, this is not personal. It is not me who is writing a story based on real life – some people are just lucky that way* )
          The narrator has along with him, the third wheel, who is the childhood buddy who teases him but behaves decently in front of her. That is too much goodness in one story. We finished the easy part. (Now we move on to the more- difficult? Nope - easy part again!)
          They start loving each other, but plot twist, girl comes clean about her love to her family, (not even months into the relationship- she even takes the guy home to her family.) but our macho man hero, (who incidentally cries a lot- though I shouldn’t mention it here- I am getting derailed by the plot- like it? As in ‘like’ it?) Okay where was I? Yeah, the hero is afraid of accepting his love to his family in fear of tarnishing his obedient boy image. (Impressive feat, especially as he did it for five full years before a friend had to kick him in the- err yeah, give him an ultimatum to come clean to his family.) But in the end, he does cough up, especially when they plan to marry him off (to someone else, not the heroine, if you are wondering).
          There is the quintessential brother, who supports the hero without any sibling rivalry (now that I have written that in bold you will search through the book for sibling rivalry. Because I know you are just skimming, looking for the important parts- which is because I recently had much experience in skimming- though I won’t tell you where. Gosh! I am evil), and then there is the ‘oh so sweet family’, none of whom do anything remotely villainous. To call this a coming of age story (rather a coming to your perception story) will be apt. Finally, the heroine does the ultimate sacrifice, (no, not that!!!... and nope, not that other one, either. You got me wrong on both counts now, didn’t you? Now before you let your imagination run wild) she leaves the hero for his own good.
          This helps the hero and his family realise the depth of their love and how he wins back the unwilling (I am not talking about any reconciliation scene here. You read the book for that!) heroine (unwilling yeah… too many brackets confusing you? Better get used to it. You might need it while- err, umm- yeah, coming back) *read without brackets for further clarity- read through twice or thrice, if need be- rinse and repeat* forms the rest of the story.
          //we at Readers’ Muse care about our readers, and since the above paragraph was too confusing, we give it without the indentations, annotations and subtexts here, in clean format… (interesting. I wonder how a coders’ comment line came through in the middle of a review… though it is incorrect syntax. A multi line comment goes like this /*comment*/. //This is a single line comment. Okay weird. So yeah, the paragraph without extras.)
          This helps the hero and his family realise the depth of their love and how he wins back the unwilling heroine forms the rest of the story. The plot explained, the characterisation is simple, predictable, and light hearted, without too much of excess of, (double positive, yeah I know – forgive me, people, it’s the inertia effect) any emotion, except love. The overall view of the book seems like the narrator is narrating the story as it happens. And the reader gets a feeling of having read through a personal diary. The story is so native that you feel that it’s translated from your vernacular language. It is that personal and descriptive.
          I spent almost fifteen minutes going through the book for any plot holes and (thankfully) found none. (Oh look! A penny! No, am from India. So rupee it is! *bends down, picks up and pockets the penny- no- rupee) The story has a happy ending (this is for all you drama fans out there – no need to clutch your heart in suspense and the pain of loss) but the ultimate lesson to learn is ‘how to attain your love against all odds’. This book is a classic example of that. (What odds you ask me? If you can’t find them in here, go read the book!)
          *wow, that’s a first for Readers’ Muse, finishing a review in brackets. But I have written this footnote after. This means the review finishes in- you guessed it right, the internet training has not gone waste on you- asterisk* ß review ends here.
WHAT I LIKED: The concept of winning in love against all odds. The simple and fairly straightforward story.
WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER: The narration is too convulsive and personal. IT has to be objective sometimes, so the readers don’t get a feel of reading a personal diary.
VERDICT: If you like romance, && (that’s an ‘and’ symbol, for the uninitiated) if you like happy endings && (it signifies an exclusive, definite condition) if you don’t want much decoction in your morning coffee (this means you don’t like bitterness, come on, this was a fairly straightforward comparison), go for this.
The author is a Bangalore based professional. Passionate about reading and writing. This is her first foray into romantic fiction

EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback only. (Don’t miss it!)

PRICE: Rs. 105-113

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Giveaway #1 : An Ebook Copy of Into You by Riley J.Ford

We @ Readers’ Muse enjoyed reading Into You by Riley J.Ford.

Find our review of it here!

Riley has been sweet enough to let us host a giveaway via Virtual Author Book Tours!

One winner gets a digital copy of Into You by Riley J.Ford!

What are you waiting for?! Enter away to win a copy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Chameleons by Sanket Ghag : A Review

BOOK TITLE: Chameleons

ISBN: 9789382473435

AUTHOR: Sanket Ghag

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Paperback



What would happen to you, if someone you loved madly left you without giving you a reason? What would you do if your business, which is running smoothly, turns into a bumpy hell ride? And a friend, whom you looked up to, turns his back when you needed him the most? The last resort you look to is your mother, who comforts you in your crisis, but she too pushes you to the extreme. Situations like these brings out the true inner self of a person; some change themselves to adapt to the situation like chameleons, some fight back and change the situation. Sunny is entangled in such situations. Standing on a six inch thick parapet wall of a four-storied building, he is looking out for a solution, and life flashes back to Sunny. Will Sunny find the solution? Will he become a chameleon or will he jump off?

REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK:  I won this book in a goodreads giveaway and the author shipped me this book within a week.


          When I got a message from the author on goodreads apologising for the delay and assuring me the book would arrive within a week, I was pleasantly surprised. I was under the impression that books took longer to arrive. But thankfully the book arrived safely via courier with a personalised note. The title and cover graphics were intriguing even though I realised this must be based on a true life story.

          The story is a first person narrative of a man branded a loser and on the brink of suicide. He has a nagging mother, supporting brother and unresponsive father. Sandeep, the narrator has studied interior designing and is now working with his brother. He prefers dull, torn but comfortable clothes and the unshaven look. He is also suffering from breakup with his college dream girl.

          He lets ‘water cascade over him’ before entering a trance in which he relives all his bad memories. The memories and the taunting words of his mother haunt him during even his work hours. To cut a long story short, even in the work place, he encounters cheaters, liars and betrayals. His business partners betray his trust and come back to him when they are in need.

          What goes around comes around; seems to be the mantra for the book. The author is clear in two things, his devotion to god and his habits. There are considerable Hindi dialogs thrown in for nativity. The author relays a strong message of bonding with family and trusting friends in the time of crisis. Read the story for more details.

          Plot is literally not the main focus for the story. It is just a recounting of the narrator’s life. The characterisation is also so open that sometimes we felt the narrator was silly to not have noticed people’s true colours before. The story is like a peek into the confused mind of the author. One good thing that can be said for the book is, it’s practical and realistic.

WHAT I LIKED: The realistic story and no over emphasis on an unbelievable topic

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER: The language and editing could have been more precise and the obvious typos, spelling errors and grammar mistakes could have been avoided.

VERDICT: Go for it if you like Chetan Bhagat books.

RATING: 3.4/5


          Sanket Ghag, born Piscean, is a happy-go-lucky guy since his childhood, who never bothered about what lay ahead in the future; he lives in his own dream world. Studies being his last priority, he is a drop-out by choice in his last year of graduation (Bsc in Microbiology) from Bhavans College as he wanted to chase his film dreams. But on the persistent pressure from parents he studied Interior Design at Rachana Sansad and worked as an Interior Designer for 4 years. Since his heart was always in films, one morning he resigned his well- paying secure job as Senior Interior Designer and joined L S Raheja Film and Television School to chase his dream .

          Now Sanket working in the Hindi Film Industry as an Assistant Art Director. He loves writing , photography and wants to be a filmmaker. With so much passion about films , that's how he got the name "FILMYKEEDA"


PRICE: Rs. 125 for paperback