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My Love Never Ends... by Thashneem Sunil : A Review

BOOK TITLE: My Love Never Ends…
ISBN: 9789381239148
AUTHOR: Thashneem Sunil
GENRE: Fiction – Romance/Drama. (yeah, based on real events!)
FORMAT: Paperback
REVIEW BY: Dhivya Balaji
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The author sent us two review copies! We thank her.
          2014 - The New Year is going to blossom with a love story which will make everyone understand the depth of love... My Love Never Ends.... Love is a feel which makes wonders. At some point, everyone comes across love. One cant fall in love with anyone randomly. The moment one meets the special person everything becomes special. The time, the sight, the feel and the entire life - becomes special. In the love life, no one can forget the First Sight, the First Touch, the First Kiss, the First Hold & so on..... Each day will be a different one with lot of happiness and surprises. Eye lids would never wink and makes one long to see the special face again and again. Just imagine. What would happen if everything goes upside down? Suddenly, if the happiness turns into a bundle of sorrows. My Love Never Ends...the love story which depicts the happiness and sorrow one faces after falling in love.
          After finishing his studies, Ravi gets an excellent posting. He is thrilled about his job, his friends and life in general. Then love comes waltzing into his life……………
            He never thought he would meet Sonu….
            He never thought he would fall in love…
            He never thought that both would fall for each other…
            He never thought he would live without her…
            He never thought his parent would be against his wish…
            He never thought he would roam the streets searching for Sonu…
Can anything happen as expected in their love story?
Can Ravi & Sonu understand the depth of their love for each other?
Can they join hands and become one?
Can they win the battle of love?
My Love Never Ends…. the happiness and the sorrow one faces after falling in love.

          How many ever times we say this, it never happens to fruition. We try to skirt around romance novels as much as possible but since starting this blog, we learnt the hard way that almost sixty percent of all books ever written touch on romance. Some books though, are so full of love that you start doubting whether or not they are based on real life events.
          This is one such book. As the title says, this story centres on love. The lead characters, two young people who fall in love while working together, face difficulties in life and finally come together. Now that we are over the one liner, we move over to the dissection of the story. The author has started this story with a curious disclaimer- err acknowledgement page. It runs thus:
          “I dedicate this book to my readers,
          Who could have spent their valuable time and
          Money in other ways,
          But decided to buy my book.”
          There, I have got even the indentations right! With such a curious acknowledgement page and a even more curious ‘Wait a minute’ page, where the author proclaims that she is a daydreamer and this is partly based on her story, and she has taken real life events and merged them into the story, we readers realise that somewhere in between, the fine line between reality and fiction disappears and we form a strange bond with the story. (And yeah, am writing with a straight face, readers! *scouts honour*)
          The plot line is simple. It is a first person narrative of Ravi, a Chennai based guy who goes to Bangalore on work. (The author is based between both these cities, we guess!) In his job, he meets Sonam as a team member. It is love at first sight for him and she reciprocates. (BTW the maddened reviewer is now searching for a workplace that helps couples so much and places them in teams together. I have only seen companies that deliberately separate. But never mind, bitter personal experience teaches you better. *Who? Me? Come on, this is not personal. It is not me who is writing a story based on real life – some people are just lucky that way* )
          The narrator has along with him, the third wheel, who is the childhood buddy who teases him but behaves decently in front of her. That is too much goodness in one story. We finished the easy part. (Now we move on to the more- difficult? Nope - easy part again!)
          They start loving each other, but plot twist, girl comes clean about her love to her family, (not even months into the relationship- she even takes the guy home to her family.) but our macho man hero, (who incidentally cries a lot- though I shouldn’t mention it here- I am getting derailed by the plot- like it? As in ‘like’ it?) Okay where was I? Yeah, the hero is afraid of accepting his love to his family in fear of tarnishing his obedient boy image. (Impressive feat, especially as he did it for five full years before a friend had to kick him in the- err yeah, give him an ultimatum to come clean to his family.) But in the end, he does cough up, especially when they plan to marry him off (to someone else, not the heroine, if you are wondering).
          There is the quintessential brother, who supports the hero without any sibling rivalry (now that I have written that in bold you will search through the book for sibling rivalry. Because I know you are just skimming, looking for the important parts- which is because I recently had much experience in skimming- though I won’t tell you where. Gosh! I am evil), and then there is the ‘oh so sweet family’, none of whom do anything remotely villainous. To call this a coming of age story (rather a coming to your perception story) will be apt. Finally, the heroine does the ultimate sacrifice, (no, not that!!!... and nope, not that other one, either. You got me wrong on both counts now, didn’t you? Now before you let your imagination run wild) she leaves the hero for his own good.
          This helps the hero and his family realise the depth of their love and how he wins back the unwilling (I am not talking about any reconciliation scene here. You read the book for that!) heroine (unwilling yeah… too many brackets confusing you? Better get used to it. You might need it while- err, umm- yeah, coming back) *read without brackets for further clarity- read through twice or thrice, if need be- rinse and repeat* forms the rest of the story.
          //we at Readers’ Muse care about our readers, and since the above paragraph was too confusing, we give it without the indentations, annotations and subtexts here, in clean format… (interesting. I wonder how a coders’ comment line came through in the middle of a review… though it is incorrect syntax. A multi line comment goes like this /*comment*/. //This is a single line comment. Okay weird. So yeah, the paragraph without extras.)
          This helps the hero and his family realise the depth of their love and how he wins back the unwilling heroine forms the rest of the story. The plot explained, the characterisation is simple, predictable, and light hearted, without too much of excess of, (double positive, yeah I know – forgive me, people, it’s the inertia effect) any emotion, except love. The overall view of the book seems like the narrator is narrating the story as it happens. And the reader gets a feeling of having read through a personal diary. The story is so native that you feel that it’s translated from your vernacular language. It is that personal and descriptive.
          I spent almost fifteen minutes going through the book for any plot holes and (thankfully) found none. (Oh look! A penny! No, am from India. So rupee it is! *bends down, picks up and pockets the penny- no- rupee) The story has a happy ending (this is for all you drama fans out there – no need to clutch your heart in suspense and the pain of loss) but the ultimate lesson to learn is ‘how to attain your love against all odds’. This book is a classic example of that. (What odds you ask me? If you can’t find them in here, go read the book!)
          *wow, that’s a first for Readers’ Muse, finishing a review in brackets. But I have written this footnote after. This means the review finishes in- you guessed it right, the internet training has not gone waste on you- asterisk* ß review ends here.
WHAT I LIKED: The concept of winning in love against all odds. The simple and fairly straightforward story.
WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER: The narration is too convulsive and personal. IT has to be objective sometimes, so the readers don’t get a feel of reading a personal diary.
VERDICT: If you like romance, && (that’s an ‘and’ symbol, for the uninitiated) if you like happy endings && (it signifies an exclusive, definite condition) if you don’t want much decoction in your morning coffee (this means you don’t like bitterness, come on, this was a fairly straightforward comparison), go for this.
The author is a Bangalore based professional. Passionate about reading and writing. This is her first foray into romantic fiction

EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback only. (Don’t miss it!)

PRICE: Rs. 105-113

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