Thursday, April 11, 2019

Book Blitz: Room 11 by Mari.Reiza

~ Book Blitz ~
Room 11 by Mari.Reiza
 Women's Psychological Fiction

About the Book:

After an accident leaves his wife in a coma, he sits on a hospital chair day-in day-out singing to her. Nobody can pull him away from her as she threads through the rage that could save her. Meanwhile, a desperate nurse grows her admiration for him into obsessive desire.

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Anyone can see this man is drawn to his wife with fanatical intensity, beseeching God to give him sense so that he can reconcile the irreconcilable. Paradoxically, through him and his comatose wife I have a vision of order I can aim to, it comforts me to breathe the same air as this man, being part of his landscape. (nurse)

My mother is tight, neat, closed. I want to explode and scare her, show her the real me. I want her to see through to the real me. But I don’t dare, because whenever she’s around I revert to nothing. I wonder if the pain will go once she’s dead. Then I feel guilty. (wife)

He couldn’t learn to do her toes in a hundred years, and surely hopes he won’t have that long, so he gets someone else to come in once a week who also does her wax every three weeks. That’s how my patient’s heels are soft like a baby’s, unlike mine, which are cracked and tired of my body being on my feet all day. Her legs are smooth like silk, whilst sleeping next to me must feel like lying in bed with a horse brush.

‘I have not slept for nights, I have not slept for nights. I do not remember when I ate last, an apple on Thursday.’ I feel like my flow has dried and I can’t fly anymore. (wife)

The man in Room 11 is singing again as he keeps watch on his Salvador Dali girl dripping out of the canvas of the world. ‘We longed for a child but he was stillborn.’ Next he pauses and takes his eyes off me to look out of the window, so I cannot see the hollowness in them. ‘She suffered like a dog,’ he whispers. ‘But we’re ready now, when she comes back.’

Read a Snippet:

It’s not a very romantic arrangement I have with Dr. Patel. I don’t find him very attractive, with shoulders and hips like tatty coat hangers with a bit of old hairy flesh slapped on, and favourite hobbies including reading Stamp Collector’s Magazine and listening to Classic FM. The only ‘exciting’ thing he owns is a recent tattoo of an anchor over his left hip and God only knows what that’s about! It makes me puke the way he feels that I respect him more than fear what he may do if I don’t, ‘with an element of coquetry,’ as he puts it. He’s very proud that he’s helping me, proud of my little single storey house in a not too bad neighbourhood with one and a half bedrooms and a bathroom large enough for a proper bath. He loves soaking in my bath he calls his, reading his Stamp Collector’s Magazine whilst I rub his back. My living room has a fireplace with a mantelpiece where I display a picture of me in my university gown, flanked by my parents. The frame is good quality but slightly hidden amongst towers of pink and purple novel spines screaming love. But I don’t have a picture of the man I loved back in Ghana. Dr. Patel teases me enough already about my university photo, about being a near-doctor by training yet spending my life cleaning hospital floors, and he would tease me more if he knew that I’m still in love with a man who was cut to pieces back home years ago. I know that my humiliations excite him. (nurse)

About the Author:

Mari.Reiza was born in Madrid in 1973. She studied at Oxford University and worked as an investment research writer and management consultant for twenty years in London, before becoming an indie fiction writer. Also by her, Inconceivable Tales, Death in Pisa, Sour Pricks, A Pack of Wolves, STUP, Mum, Watch Me Have Fun!, Marmotte’s Journey, West bEgg, Room 11, Triple Bagger, Caro M, Opera, the Retreat, sells sea shells and aberri (homeland), all available on Amazon.

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Book Blitz: Scepters of Empyrea by Vignesh Ravichandran

~Book Blitz~
 Scepters of Empyrea
A Journey to the Andromeda Galaxy
by Vignesh Ravichandran 

About the Book:

Empyrea, an island in the Andromeda galaxy belonging to planet Vathura is serene. Everywhere your eyes turn, you will feast on the lovely birds singing their heart out in the lush green vegetation. Osiris Mysterio ruled the regions of Empyrea with his brother Tyrant Seth and with their children Pitheceus Babi, Kraity Wadjet, and Horus Mysterio.

5000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians were the only humans to receive the invitation to enter Empyrea. They gladly on-boarded into a Pegasus chariot and took their journey to Empyrea. Their journey is indescribable. Empyrea by itself was like a fairy-tale garden, an ocean of flowers and exotic trees.

As the Egyptians went further inside Empyrea, they saw its netherworld. They had mixed feelings when they saw the triangle shaped tombs and the bizarre headhunting people. Empyrea also had the blood-curdling creatures like the deadly dinosaurs, gigantic snakes, furious apes, ruthless rhino’s, massive mastodons and many other creepy creatures. This showed the power of the Empyrean Army and that no other army could survive their wrath.

The Emperor Osiris and the kings ruled Empyrea with powerful Scepters. With those powers, they were not only considered as kings but also worshipped as Lords. The Lords with the help of their scepter had the crucial power to transform themselves into giant creatures.

Egyptians while departing from Empyrea was gifted with a shortcut portal to earth and also with some people and creatures of Empyrea to build the Empramids in Egypt. Overwhelmed with happiness they took the shortcut door and returned to Egypt.

However, the happiness was short-lived in Empyrea. The Empire of Empyrea was betrayed for ruling earth avariciously. Somehow the Emperor of Empyrea locked the shortcut portal and asked the Egyptians to safeguard it. The Egyptians, on the other hand, failed to safeguard the portal. And some gangsters accidentally opened the shortcut door in 2017 A.D, entered Empyrea, and inadvertently got access to the Lord scepters.

So, now the Earthians were left with no choice but to battle against the merciless predators and headhunting people in their heroic journey. Their ultimate fate lied in an empire beyond imagination. They would take their stand against the powerful lords, who brutally led their people to war against planet Earth.

Did the gangsters protect the earth from danger, or left the other world to accomplish their tyrant rule on Earth? Explore the world of Empyrea to unravel the truth behind this mystery.

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Read an Excerpt:

First, a gigantic snake of 18feet in length was released into the arena, I had never seen a snake of that size before. It was a greenish ehill (hill) snake, the body was slender, tapering and slightly compressed, the dorsal scales overlapping strongly keeled apical pits, it had a gaping mouth with a long tongue that brought the fear of death. The contestants found it extremely difficult to attack it. The snake didn’t hurt the Nagas, but hits others with its tail and swallowed the weaker contestants.           
One of the vathroo spun his giant iron ball and tried hitting the snake. He released the iron ball in a blazing speed, it shot out like a meteor but just hit the dorsal scales of the snake. It swirled so fast and thrashed the vathroo with its tail, he was thrown to the other side of the arena.

Meanwhile, a dinomen raised his axe and tried slicing the tail of the snake but it swirled and attacked the dinomen. When the snake was busy attacking the dinomen, an empyrean came rushing towards the snake, took the help from another vathroo by stepping on his launching iron ball and lunged behind the snake, shouted aloud and swung his sword towards its neck but the snake was too quick for him, it twisted and turned suddenly. The sword of the empyrean managed to scratch its left eye and .giving it a mark but before the blood drops oozed out from the scratch, the snake swallowed the 8feet Empyrean.

Every contestant was hurling their weapons at it,  but it easily escaped everyone’s attempt to kill it. There was only a little time left for the entry of the next animal, before that the contestants had to kill or lock the snake. Otherwise, they had to compete with two creatures at a time.

The Rhinorio threw his trident on the hood of the snake and angered it and soon the snake was diverted and started to follow him leaving others behind.  It twisted and swirled to catch him, the snake’s tail thrashed, narrowly missing the rhinorio, and before he could blink his eyes, it turned towards him, and their eyes were locked and were looking face to face. It spread its orange color hood and let out his enormous tongue and licked the horn on the Rhinorio’s head, later stretched its mouth wide enough to swallow the Rhinorio entirely. Seizing the moment, Prince Horus lunged and sliced the snake into pieces, but that was a just fraction of seconds before the entry of next creature.

About the Author:

Vignesh Ravichandran is the author of the book Scepters Of Empyrea: A Journey to the Andromeda Galaxy. He did his Masters in Business Administration from a leading Business School and presently working as a Human Resource professional in a leading software organization in Chennai. He wrote this debut novel with the storyline which he experienced in his nightmare 7 years ago.

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