Readers’ Muse began as a collaboration between friends who loved to read, and who were (and still are) passionate about reading, to an extent that they spent every available free time reading and even talking about books. But two years after it was born, one of the friends started her own book space called Book and Ink. After that, Readers' Muse became a solo venture, run by yours truly.

A passion for reading cannot easily be suppressed. And neither can the joy of writing about books that were read. Readers’ Muse stays true to what it was created for, to share honestly, what was felt after reading a book. It is like I am discussing the book with you, and telling you what the book was about, what I liked, what I didn’t like, who the author is. Whatever I tell comes from that unbridled joy of reading.

A solo venture is successful only with good support. And I’m happy to have got that from authors, guest reviewers, blog tour hosts, friends and of course, the invaluable readers of Readers’ Muse. If you want an open, honest review for your book, you can contact me (after reading the policy on the next tab). May the muse be with you!

Hi. Hello. Vanakkam. I’m Dhivya. Whereas I can spill ink easily when I write about books, I can’t seem to spill two drops just as easily when I am asked to write about myself. And trust me, I have tried to. I’m crazy about books (didn’t I tell that already?). I have been since childhood, and when there’s a family member who is as big a reader as me, the craziness and love for reading would only grow, and it did. I’m a big-time foodie (if you ever meet me, you’ll agree wholeheartedly!). I also have an interest in editing books.

I might not be active on social networking sites, but you can still reach me on the Facebook page of Readers’ Muse, and on Goodreads.


  1. Hi girls,
    thanks so much for reading and reviewing my book. I have forwarded your blog to my book club to help them search for their next good book! If you are able to add a review onto Goodreads and Amazon that would be so helpful. As you know, new authors need all the help they can get. Well I had better go. Now working on the follow up to Round The Bend, so I had better get typing :) Happy travels, Alistair

  2. Love the clean look of the blog - very well laid out. And thank you for hosting me and Vikram and Ruby :D - Laxmi

  3. Thank you for the thorough and thoughtful review of my book. I am impressed with your writing and the layout of you blog. Natalie Winch

  4. Clean look to this blog, I agree with Laxmi!


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