Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cover Reveal: Zero Dream Football Alfresco by Rubayata Umeed

Releasing this January... 
A book from the tranquil valleys of Kashmir... 
A Teen Author writes a tale 
of love, passion, dreams and tribulations!

Zero: Dream Football Alfresco

“I am not playing to impress you, I am playing for my passion.”

-      Alfresco Keith, Champion Zero

Alfresco Keith, a boy with a rare defining skill, escapes his fear of zeroes, and follows his dream with a burning passion, quickly becoming famous as Champion Zero!

While his skill helps him with his game, a personal tragedy – the death of a loved one – from years ago in his life, follows him. The quest to find the murderers, and the passion to become a football star coincide, with a common thread of suspense weaving both into his life.

A great loss awaits him. So does a gift.

Which will he choose?

Will life pull him down, or will he reach his goal?

Book Cover:

Book in stores January 2019! Available in digital and paperback versions!

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