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Dream by Marcia Wieder: A Review

BOOK TITLE: Dream: Clarify and Create What You Want


AUTHOR: Marcia Wieder

GENRE: Adult Non Fiction / Self Help, Personal Development, Dreams


FORMAT: Digital


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: I thank iRead book tours for this review copy


Do you dare to dream? If so, you are a results-oriented person. Dream is designed to help you both transform your own life and contribute to making the world a better place. Dreaming is something you do—or should do.

You were created to create, and your ability to dream is paramount and fundamental when it comes to living a dream-come-true life. Dream will help you design a life that is the highest expression of your purpose by creating dreams in every area that matters to you, both personally and professionally.

This book will help you take real steps toward creating and achieving the dreams that matter to you most. It will help you to uncover, or recover, your purpose so that you can live with purpose—and there’s nothing that will bring you greater fulfillment.

Reading this book will help you to fully understand:

• Who you really are

• How you want your life to be

• How to develop dreams that inspire you

• How to look at your life with a fresh perspective

• How to remove fear, doubt, or other obstacles

• How to implement shortcuts and the techniques you will learn

​Dream will teach you exactly how to do these and so much more.


The first thing I noticed in the digital copy I received for review were the excellent reviews from various well known people across the world. The reviews were for this book and that has, to some effect, affected how I approached this book. I knew this book was of the self help genre and I have read quite a number of them in recent times. So picking this up was natural because the bullet list in the summary attracted me more than anything else. Dream - is not about those visions that occur during sleep. It is more about what you envision. 


That the author has knows what she is talking about is quite evident from the first page. The book has a clear logical sequence of content and it follows a holistic path. The book combines (as is the norm) events from real life mingled with the theory and simple 'to-do' lists that one can tick off and write in to make a note of the progress. I really liked how the book seamlessly integrates both, without having the need to highlight either part or put it into little 'to note' boxes. Dreaming in life is something similar to having an incessant urge to succeed - the only thing that differs is the goal each person has.

The book is not about how to dream. It talks about CBA - how to dream perfectly and make it come to fruition. Talking about how effective a dream could actually be, I enjoyed the way the three parts of the book carefully segregated the dreaming process into such an elaborate one that half the content amazed me at times. How could a simple step have such a deeper meaning and how could it have so many possible outcomes in achieving the dream we have set out to follow? Brilliantly infused with real life examples, this book guides each person on making their dream come true.

What I liked the most was how this book spoke about the importance of dreaming clearly. Vague, directionless dreams are ones that would surely be dissipating under the first sign of failure or pressure. When a dream has a shape, a clarity, it develops into something more solid. Dreaming and believing oneself and being sure of our own abilities and means to achieve the dream are also highlighted. The book scores in saying actual ways to act upon the dreams and make them come true. Psychologically effective practices are discussed at length making it a good read while also giving valuable information, tips and inspirational examples.

Not once in over 200 pages did the book take on a preachy tone of 'do this', 'do that'. Thankfully it is like the gentle nudge towards what the human mind hesitates to do and that makes it all the more likeable. This book is a make or break. If you really wanted a book that would help you on the path to achieving your dream, this fits the bill. If you would rather stay away from this genre, this book is not for you because though this tells stories, this book is mainly focusing upon the simple things that one must do to dream, believe and achieve.


A thoughtfully written non preachy book.

NOTE: This review is solely based on how good the book is and how well it becomes a part of the genre it represents. There is a widespread common misconception that self help books rarely do anything to help people other than tell them what they alread know in fancy words. While a part of it might be true - that people do know what they are supposed to do, the other major part is false. Self help is fit for those who want to help themselves. Self help books rarely are rated for the content compared to fiction. The book is what it claims to be. It is helpful, simple and clearly written. It definitely gives the impression that the author is an expert in whatever she is doing. But it appeals to only those who want to read it and get whatever guidelines or help they can from it to get better. In that regard, all self help books are either make or break. Either you like it or you don't. Ambiguity is seldom welcome.



Dream University’s CEO, Marcia Wieder is a long established thought leader on visionary thinking. As Founder of The Meaning Institute, she teaches people to create and live fulfilling lives. She’s been a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, writes for Huffington Post and is the author of 14 books. She appeared often on Oprah and was featured in her own PBS-TV show called Making Your Dreams Come True. She has taught at Stanford’s Business School and as president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, she assisted 3 U.S. presidents. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and on the advisory board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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