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Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure by Kathryn Eriksen: A Review

Book Title:  Heart Dancing:  A Story Alchemy Adventure by Kathryn Eriksen
Category:  Adult fiction, 249 pages
Genre:  Inspirational Fiction
Publisher:  Infinite Joy Publishing
Release date:  November 2014
          What if your heart stops dancing?
          Brian, his wife Christine and their 14 year-old daughter, Savanna, are a typical American family. Their lives begin to unravel when a dark secret from their past threatens to destroy them. Divorce seems imminent unless they discover a miracle.

          Savanna refuses to stand by and watch her family self-destruct. A mysterious young woman and her dog show Savanna how to look past the physical and see the spiritual side of her situation. A leap of faith and willingness to change her perspective gives Savanna a new view of her life, her values and her purpose.
          But can the adults give up their stories about the past that are tearing them apart?
          Brimming with inspiration, transformation and empowering messages, "Heart Dancing" is life changing. It also introduces the 4 step process called Story Alchemy, which is used to transform the stories that threaten the Hartt's peace and happiness.

          As you cheer on the individual choices made by Brian, Christine and Savanna Hartt, you will also reflect on your own stories that keep you playing small.
          Heart Dancing - It's the Only Way to Live!
          Heart Dancing is a unique book from start to finish. It cannot be categorised as a self help book, it is not entirely fictitious either. It is a book that combines both. The elements of a self help book are woven with fiction to get the point across, much like using examples to illustrate something that would have, otherwise, been abstract. The book’s uniqueness is the way the story progresses. Heart Dancing is about learning to connect with your inner spirituality much as it is about learning not to let little events affect your perspective as a whole.
          The first thing you will read about in the book is how Christine and Savannah are in for a shock. Savannah’s teenage adolescent brain doesn’t process why her father had to leave her and her mother. Not delving too much into the story, Savannah encounters all the pain and suffering of having a father walk out of the house permanently. She is devastated and her performance in school suffers due to it. A chance encounter with a woman in the local park changes Savannah’s outlook about life. The events that follow form the rest of the story.
          The story by itself is nothing unique. It is just a fiction base that has been cleverly used to get the point across. But the author’s intended message can be any reader’s make or break based on their perspective. The book does come with a veiled message from the beginning; readers are informed not to take it as a Christian book and try to look at it like a book that is spiritual but not based on any religion. If the reader can get past this to delve into the story as is, the book makes sense.
          For readers of fiction who try to read this expecting a story be prepared to read a theory, for which the story is a tool. The plot doesn’t actually need to be very elaborate for the purpose of the book. The language is clean, with minimal typographical errors and grammar twists. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are beautiful and the overall effect of the book is pleasing. But as to the readability (not in the physical sense, the font and other details are perfect) it depends on each person. You would either read it fully through if you liked what you found in the first three or four chapters or the sceptic in you would keep it down and wonder, instead, what the book was supposed to be about.
          Having an open mind while reading the book is essential for any reader to get through each chapter. The story and the premise are simple enough, but the events themselves veer mostly towards a spiritual element so much so that at times, a seasoned reader cannot help but wonder if it would be better suited as a book belonging to a different genre.
          Kudos to the author for moving away from the mould of how books (of the subject matter she had chosen) are usually written. Heart Dancing might very well be your path to recovery or might be the reason your eyebrows raise dubiously. As they say, it all depends on your perspective.
          P.S.: If the book really had a great impression on you, and you wanted to take part in the online movement, there are Miracle Tokens waiting for you! This is one more unique aspect of the book that spreads both the story and the good words about the book by talking about it in the places that matter – social media sites and everywhere else online!

          Note: I carefully read each page of the book because I really did try to keep an open mind and look at the message this book offers rather than the story or the scenes itself. In an interview with Readers Muse, the author herself speaks in detail about the book.

          Kathryn Eriksen is known as the "Story Alchemist." She has touched many people with her inspirational books, blog and articles about living your best life. A lawyer by training, she transformed her own life story from anger and frustration to love, joy and peace through the use of the same techniques that she shares in "Heart Dancing."
PRICE: $9.49 for Kindle, $14.99 for Paperback

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