Review and Rating Policy

Thank you for considering Readers' Muse to review your book!

Kindly do read our review policy and rating criterion before shooting us a mail to request a review!

REVIEW POLICY: (What sort of books I love!)

  • I have a varied palette in reading, and not necessarily just a genre, so you'll find books of different genres here, from mysteries/thrillers to fantasy novels. However, if I find that a book is in a genre that I can't do justice to, I'll most likely reject the book. Please do not feel bad. I do not want to do a half cooked review and insult your work.
  • I prefer paperbacks for reading, but an EPUB or PDF or MOBI will do just fine. Even a Kindle/Amazon gift card is acceptable.
  • I take 4-6 weeks to review the books (That's the upper limit. It could come within a week too! Depends on the book).
  • If you need the review by a particular date kindly mention in the request. I can try to accommodate.
  • I'm happy to host blog tour/giveaways etc. But I cannot ship giveaway books. It will be the responsibility of the tour organizer/author.
  • There is no assurance of “a good rating/review”. It'll be an honest review. If you really can't handle criticism well please don't come asking for a review. There is no partiality. It'll be my opinion of what I found in your book, both the good and the bad. And let me be clear that the review is for the book, the outcome of your efforts as an author, and not for the effort itself.
  • Besides this blog (, the reviews will come in the Blog’s Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and Google+ page. And Goodreads of course.
  • If necessary, and only on request, I will post a review on the book's Amazon page.

Write to me at with the details of your book, and I shall get back to you if I feel my preferences and your book will work for a review here. If I don't get back, please consider that your review request has been declined.

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