Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thank You 2013! Welcome 2014

Before I go on – Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
Hope the year brings you happiness and everything you have wanted! (And loads of books of course!)

Looking back at the year 2013 makes me wonder how it just flew by. Personally both of us had plenty of ups and an equal (May be a wee bit higher) number of downs too!

2013 taught us life – unplugged. 

On the brighter side I started this book blog on an impulse. I really had no idea nor did I have a plan as to how to go about blogging in a way that would actually fulfil my goal of starting this blog in first place. But I was lucky to have a best friend who jumped on my invitation to co-blog. I’d be completely lost without her! Thanks Dhivya for everything.

Dhivya – She gave shape to the blog, re-did all silly templates that I put in first place and tore it apart only to bring out a neat blog. Most important of all, she wrote honest reviews (And will continue to write! No stopping her once she is on a roll!)while I was away playing Sherlock ( She prefers to call me that!) hunting for books and connecting with writers!
Now to that one thing that drives us crazy – BOOKS (food is next on the list but yeah this is a “book blog” so I’ll stick to books!)

We have this insatiable appetite for books. No matter how long our “To-Read” list is, we still have space for another book in that list! That’s just us.

We loved many books that we read last year but then there were few which left a bitter taste!

Dhivya’s Favorite last year were

1.    The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore
2.    Krishna Key By Ashwin Sanghi
3.    When the Clocks Stopped By ML Eaton
4.    Z2  By Sherrie Cronin
5.    The Almond Tree By Michelle Cohen Corasanti

My ( Janani) favourites last year were

1.    The Tragedy of Woman by Ray Dacolias
2.    The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore
3.    Millenium series by Steig Larsson
4.    The Kite Runner by Khaleed Hosseini
5.    When the clocks stopped by ML Eaton

Overall the books that really stole our hearts were


    KRISHNA KEY BY Ashwin Sanghi
    THE KITE RUNNER BY Khaleed Hosseini
THE GUARDIAN ANGELS BY Rohit Gore deserves a special mention as both of us aren’t exactly big fans of Romance. But this book sort of changed our perspective.

I take this opportunity to thank all writers who have supported us by sending us review copies and ARCs. We cherish your books as a treasure! Our reading list would go dry without all of you! Please continue writing more books!

Our blogger pals – Reader  Cosmos, The Tales Pensive, Everything Marie tours, bOOk  r3vi3ws by DDS,  Premier virtual author book tours, Making Connection Blog Tours, YA Bound book tours – Thank you all for supporting us! Looking forward to be associated with you in future too!

Last but not the least! Our dear audience – Tweeples, Facebook Followers & other people who follow our blog – Thank you! You motivate us to write better!

Hope to read more books in 2014 and write better reviews!

Shree Janani & Dhivya Balaji

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